Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Apple Cardigan

I have mentioned it here more often, I have a gaping hole in my closet where other people have cardigans / jackets and other layering garments. Of course, this is a figure of speech because there actually is no hole in my closet, it is super full, it is actually overflowing to the ground, but at least you get how much I like cardigans in general... I have tried before, I even made it part of a challenge, but I was not convinced of needing these layers in my closet. But that has changed with pattern by Bella Sunshine*, the Apple cardigan. I wore it to work the day after I sewed!

The Apple cardigan* comes in two layers, tunic and knee length and I tested the knee tunic length version. Because I learned from my previous cardigan fabric choice, this time I picked an uni colored blue and I am so in love with the result! It goes perfectly with many of my summer dresses. The dress in the picture is one of my Sahara's and it does not get more summery than that, but like this it is totally fall/winter worthy. I have many other summer dresses that perfectly combine with dark blue, so I this might actually become one of the most worn garments from fall/winter 2017.

The Cardigan is an easy and quick sew. The only thing that I feel that I have to mention is that it eats up a lot fabric. Due to the lovely flare at the bottom you can compare this to a full dress when it comes to fabric. I cut this cardigan from a 3 meter long fabric, so I did not have to worry at all, but I fear that you might run into trouble if you have less than 2 meter, especially is you have a directional print. From the scraps that remain you can easily cut some kids sweater probably, but keep in mind that you need length.

As I mentioned before, the cardigan has a lovely flare, which forms a nice pleat at the back. I have also seen testers wear it with a belt. I liked the look, but feel I need at least one year of cardigan wearing before I dare to take that step.

The pattern* is on sale for a week until next Tuesday the 24th for just $6.50 on the Bella Sunshine website. There is also a girl version*, ideal twinning with your little one. While searching the links, I also saw that the Sahara*, the dress that I am wearing the pictures is also on sale by the way.

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.


  1. heel mooi! aan de voorkant vind ik het super die cardigan maar die plooi is mijn ding niet en wetende dat ik dan zoveel stof nodig heb houdt me dat wat tegen, maar wie weet hack ik dat ding ooit wel tot iets wat me wel helemaal aanstaat.
    jij staat er in ieder geval super mee

    1. Heel begrijpelijk, daarom ging ik voor zeer bruikbare kleur, dan valt de hoeveelheid stof naar verhouding hoe vaak hij aan kan nog best mee ;)

  2. Heel leuk vest en door de rugplooi net even anders dan het reguliere vest patroon. Het staat je erg leuk.

  3. Wat een erg leuk jasje! Het staat jou geweldig. Een riem zou je ook wel leuk staan.

  4. die trui past inderdaad overal op. Op een jeans lijkt hij me ook geweldig!