Sunday, May 26, 2019

Capsule pieces

During our sewing weekend, I sewed most pieces for our eldest. She had requested a capsule wardrobe, something similar as our middle daughter got a year ago. Our eldest prefers to wear dresses though, so I had a surprisingly hard time envisioning a capsule wardrobe that would fit her personality. Tunics are not really her style and shirts with trousers neither are her first choice. I have to admit, in the end it became more quantity than quality, but in my defense, she almost had no summer clothes since she is growing extremely quickly, so a perfect balanced wardrobe will have to wait, maybe next winter.

The first piece that I sewed was a short blue crop top with long sleeves. Last winter, I sewed half a Nivalis, to let her wear her favorite summer pieces in colder weather. This crop top has a similar idea, one extra layer if the Dutch summer is not behaving like we would like it to. I used the Foliis pattern, omitted the hood and simply sewed down the neckline. The dress that she is wearing is a Solis that  sewed last year, one of the two summer dresses from last year that still fit her. The fabric is a light weight knit sweater fabric, it is super soft.

Like I wrote before, I went for quantity and I simply sewed her three tops with the same pattern, the Sylva. Two shirts with straight necklines and a tunic with the V neckline. I tried to use a lot of rather plain and uni colored fabrics in the capsule to make it easy to mix and match. To add a bit of extra fun I sewed on an application that I made years ago when I made this entire ensemble with monster fabric.  With hinesight, I feel I still used to many prints and  added to much color accents to for example the Sylva tunic. Creating a capsule wardrobe with prints is a skill that I have to develop more.

The light blue bottom are my first attempt at designing a skort. I prefer the designs with a skirt on the front and simple short view from the back. Far from perfect, but fine for a first try. The capri trousers, I blogged before when I showed my Advena's.

Next time I will show the rest.

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  1. Vind jij dat er te veel prints zijn of vind je dochter dat? Ik vind het juist leuk zo!