Friday, April 21, 2017

Mantica release

Today, Sofilantjes* releases the Mantica* tunic and dress pattern. The pattern has two different skirt styles, either tight and short or gathered and knee length. The back has three different color block options, which I of course tried all. The front stands out because of the contrasting bands, they might remind you of backpack straps, which is where the name Mantica (meaning bag in Latin) comes from.

The short skirt has a secret feature, the entire front of the skirt is pocket. Yes, one gigantic pocket, my daughter did not realize it when we made pictures, or else she would have for sure filled it with Lego's just to see how much she was able to fit in there.  Two of these fabrics where bought at Joyfits (the Kersenpitje combi) and the blue triangles from Lillestoff were bought at Cas and Nina*.

On all my three Mantica's I used eyelets with a cord (only though the front), but you could also leave the eyelets off of course. Just having a contrasting waistband is also cool. On the pre-test version (the last one in this post), I used the 4 mm from Prym, but they are a bit too small. On the other two versions, I used the 8 mm from Prym and those are great. I bought them at textielstad. On this blue dress I blended with a bit too tall size, the back therefore has a wrinkle, I fixed that on the orange one.

The gathered skirt version also has pockets, side seam pockets. I made this orange version for Kingsday, which will be next week. My daughter already told me that she is not going to leave it in the closet until next year or some soccer occasion, she loves it and will wear it like any other dress, and I believe her. I bought these two fabrics at Textielstad. My son was the perfect accessories, I will show you next week what he is wearing in the picture.

For the pre-test, I sewed a dress for my youngest. The pattern turned out pretty perfect already, it only was a bit short for the smaller sizes. The pattern pieces were lengthened and I lengthened the dress with a contrasting band, now it is no longer a short skirt by the way, but this way she can wear it the entire summer. This fabric also came from Joyfits. I bought 2 meter and my girls where fighting over it, so you will see more of this one for sure.

Normally I would have much more to tell you. The pattern is great, fit is perfect and I already see many possibilities of matching it with other Sofilantjes patterns (the widths might be a bit different, so you will have to adjust that), but I keep it short today. When this post goes live, I am actually not in the country, my husband and me are on a trip, for the first time in 10 years, we are away together for two nights, and I still have to pack a bit.

As usual there is a sweet but short release deal, the pattern* is 5 dollar (excluding VAT) for 48 hours in the Sofilantjes* web shop. Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.


  1. Super toffe exemplaren heb je gemaakt. Ik vind die voor je jongste met de verlenging echt ook heel top! Misstaat absoluut niet.
    Jullie heel veel plezier met samen een weekendje weg, geniet ervan en niet teveel aan de kinderen denken. Die hebben vast ook veel plezier ;).

    1. Het weekend was super en de kinderen waren positief vergeten ;)

  2. Oh weer zo leuk gedaan! Prachtige stoffencombi's :)

  3. Replies
    1. Weer zo goed bedacht meid, ik ben helemaal fan.

  4. Ik ben vooral fan van de versie die je voor de pre-test maakte, omdat ik dat stofje zo heerlijk vind.
    Maar ook de andere jurken mogen er zijn! Zoals altijd: top!!!
    Enne, schrijf je ook een blogpost over je weekend zonder kids? :)

    1. Mijn blogposts gaan alleen over mijn naaisels en daar was dit weekend echt geen sprake van, wel truffels gemaakt overigens!