Monday, April 10, 2017

Show Your (Zier)Stoff Blog Tour

I am always on the look out for new (to me) pattern designers and I managed to find another that I am honored to show you today. Today, I am a participant of the Zierstoff * blog tour. Zierstoff is a team of German women that besides having German patterns also have a selection of English ones. Zierstoff is clearly only new to me, because their pattern database is packed. I was allowed to pick whatever I wanted, and I thought that this was the perfect time to finally make my eldest a jumpsuit. I promised her one almost a year ago...

I chose the Henrike* Jumpsuit, a jumpsuit pattern for jersey fabrics. I really liked the front design, it looks super comfortable, but nothing like a pj due to the contrasting bands. Those bands make this jumpsuit a very quick sew. There is no hemming at the neckline, neither at the sleeves. I did need my sewing machine for the elastic at the legs, but if you are a serger addict like me, you could also just put bands on the ankles. The pattern advices to use clear elastic at the waist, but I was a bad girl, and skipped it. I know that this quality jersey does not really need it.

The fabric I used is from Finch fabrics, I just love all their panels. This is one of the first panels, and has been in my stash for a while. I just did not know what to make of it because I only bought a relatively narrow piece. The flowers are only on the bottom of the panel, and I did not know what kind of patterns would use the optimally. When I was studying the Henrike pattern pieces, inspiration hit me and I used the flowers for the bodice. A little bit of flowers remained and they ended up on the back of one leg. I had a very efficient fabrics use, and almost nothing was left after I cut the pieces.

The sizing charts* of Zierstoff was a very pleasant surprise, my kids actually fit with their measurements within one size bracket. I did not have to blend at all for my eldest, I also checked the others and they fit almost perfectly, so if you have rather skinny kids that you usually have to blend for, check these sizes. This tour started months ago and I worked with the measurements of my daughter from then, but apparently she had a small growth spurt (last week she turned out to have grown both in length and chest size), because with hindsight I could have made one size bigger (again totally in line with the chart), but I think she will have a good wear out of this one this spring.

Be sure to check out the Zierstoff website* there is a 30% discount until the end of April with the code MahlicaDesigns30. You can visit the other tour participants for more inspiration:

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.


  1. Wow! Wat een plaatje deze jumpsuit! Ga direct die patronen checken! Zou wel eens perfect voor mijn smalle meisjes kunnen zijn!

    1. Ik ben benieuwd, ik was heel erg tevreden over de maat voering!

  2. Fantastic use of the panel!
    It simply is a gorgeous sew.
    * Respect *

    1. The little air balloon on the right side of the bodice is the thing I probably most proud of ;)

  3. Prachtig! Ik vind dit echt een heel mooie jumpsuit, alweer super gebruik gemaakt van je stofje!

  4. Perfect stofje voor dit patroon!

  5. I agree, you used the panel very well. I've been burned by my little guys growth spurts quite a bit lately so I made one size up (a little too big right now). I'm glad she'll get some use out it still and hopefully she'll want you to make her another one soon. Zierstoff does make things quite easy with bands instead of hemmed edges.

  6. Mooi! GEweldig hoe jij altijd de juiste stof voor het patroon vindt!

  7. Waw, dit is nu eens echt een toffe en originele jumpsuit. En lijkt me nog vrij praktisch ook!

  8. I love your fabric choices for this jumpsuit! Looks like a great comfortable one piece outfit

  9. I love the placement of the print, that works so well!

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