Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Karlotta dress

Annika released a new set of translated patterns in her shop, three tops and a dress. I am bravely battling my fear of woven dress pattern for women, I recently sewed myself this one and this one, so I signed up for sewing a Karlotta. The Karlotta has princess seams, both front and back to create a pretty silhouette. The dress closes with an invisible zipper on the back. I used the pattern to sew myself a little black dress.

Based on the size table, I saw that I needed a full bust adjustment and I followed the steps of this tutorial. I do not sew muslins (I know, another shocking revelation about my sewing laziness), so I initially sewed at 0.5 seam allowance to check fit (the pattern has seam allowance of 1 centimeter included). After the first fit, I saw that it would work out perfectly if I sewed all seams on 1 centimeter, so I did that. I did not have to make any other alterations besides the full bust adjustment, I am therefore super satisfied with the fit of this pattern, and my fear of patterns for woven is really diminishing.

I bought this drapey rayon fabric at Textielstad for this project. I wore a black and white polka dot dress on my brothers wedding (I must have been around 11) and I loved it! I have had a weak spot for that print ever since. When I spotted this fabric, I knew I had found the perfect fabric for my Karlotta. I intentionally kept the dress rather long (I made a narrow hem), but how long you want the dress is up to you of course.

This time it was me and my husband that had fun during the shoot when I was trying to find myself an color pop accessories. This time I picked the Lego bus that I build a few years ago (my husband's suggestion). I feel I quickly ran out of logical things to keep in my hands during a shoot. The Karlotta and other tops are now on sale until Friday in the Naeh-connection shop.